Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress.

It’s been a little over a week since I watched the movie Persepolis. I had seen a preview for the movie some time ago and was interested, but had forgotten about it until I saw it last week at Blockbuster.

Persepolis is an animated feature that tells the story of Marji, a young Iranian girl who grows up during the Islamic Revolution. It has won several prizes and awards, namely the Jury Prize at Cannes. The majority of the film is shown in black and white, a solid choice by the filmmakers, and is narrated by the main character.

Having read My Forbidden Face this past year, I knew something about the subject and the horrors that were suffered by those living under extreme Islamic rule. Though it was the an account of life under the Taliban in Afghanistan, it would be a great read for anyone wanting a first-hand account of life under the new religious regime.

Persepolis took a lighter approach, choosing to use humor and animation as a vehicle to show the pain, difficulty, and even absurdity of what was forced on the people of Iran. The characters were authentic and loveable, drawing the audience completely in.

My only real complaint about the movie would be its length. At 95 minutes, it was honestly a bit long. Fifteen minutes could have been trimmed out of the last half hour. I won’t harp on this too much as there was a much to be dealt with and even at a ‘long’ 95 minutes, there was not much time.

I think this movie should be watched. It creates a good balance of information and story, not sacrificing one for the other. It’s a good chance to remember that living in a country does not equal agreement with leaders or even complacency.


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