When you’re right, you’re right. This is not one of those times.

I just read an article over at Lutonaut about going to the movies. Here’s a little tidbit:

i haven’t been inside a movie theater in a while so i don’t know the prices. let’s just say that it costs $8 dollars to see a movie. $8 dollars. $8 f*****g dollars to see one movie once. what are paying for that $8 dollars, aside from the socializing?

* to see it on a big screen.
* to see it when it comes out.

I completely disagree. What are you paying for? You are paying to see a work of art in the way the artist designed it to be seen. It’s the difference between seeing seeing The Last Supper in person versus seeing a photograph of the mural in a book. Can you enjoy both? Yes certainly. Is it the same looking at the actual painting and the book? No in the least.

Are all films great works of art? No, that’s definitely not what I’m saying. Not all movies are worth the price of a ticket, but that’s why we have reviews and film critics. I actually see very few movies in the theater.

It does get pricey going to the theater. It’s also pricey to fly to Milan. It’s not always possible to see a painting or other work of art in person, but if you had the choice, and someone else was paying, would you choose the photo or a ticket to Italy? The point is this: I would always want to see the movie in the theater because it is innately better than watching the same movie at home.


One response to “When you’re right, you’re right. This is not one of those times.

  1. profileofadipshit

    I’ve seen enough movies that weren’t worth seeing on the big screen though, I think we could benefit from a more accurate system for determining what is good than ticket sales.

    I would love to see film start towards the direction of music thanks to the likes of indie artists and bigger names like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails; free to cheap with donation as seen fit. For example, I was dragged to The Covenant. I would personally take back my nine fifty from that production company if given opportunity. However, when I went to see The Orphanage, I would have gladly paid double after it was over.

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