By the way, Melina, we haven’t been properly introduced, my name is Bond…James Bond.

A while back I picked up a copy of Ian Fleming’s Moonraker. I just finished it this morning on my way in to work. It’s the first James Bond novel I’ve ever read, much less owned, and I really liked it.

I hadn’t been really interested in the book series, but, on a trip out to a bookstore in Ojai, I found a copy of this book. Here’s why I bought it: I liked the cover art. The colors and the typeface are perfect for this throw back design. The girl looking up over her shoulder at the rocket, the eyes in the clouds, everything just comes together perfectly. The whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ thing clearly does not always apply. Most books that later become movies have their covers pillaged and replaced with a screen shot from the movie. (This is wrong and should not be allowed. Ever.) So, yes, I bought the book because I liked the cover. It’s not shallow; I’m appreciating the graphic design, or something like that.

It was a quick read, and a lot of fun. I had just read a book about Nazi war crimes, and I needed to read something a little less disturbing. There were no gadgets or crazy romances, and some parts were more like a police novel than a spy thriller (who knew James Bond ever dusted for fingerprints?). The book is set not long after World War II, and it’s a world where James Bond really makes much more sense if you think about it.

I’ll probably be checking out some other Fleming stories, definitely if I can find more with similar covers.


6 responses to “By the way, Melina, we haven’t been properly introduced, my name is Bond…James Bond.

  1. I couldn’t agree more, re: replacing book covers with movie stills. I refuse to buy movie-tie-in editions of books, and often times it’s actually infuriating. Really, you’re going to do a movie-tie-in version of a Bukowski novel?

    Come on.

  2. Then what do you make of the new design for Bond books?

  3. Now those are very well done. The Casino Royale cover is great. I like the type face and color scheme.

  4. rdjahn – I understand you perfectly, I hate books with movie stills too. I am a bookbinder, though, among other things, so my tip is simply buy the books you want – tear off the cover (no, it won’t do any serious damage), replace with thick paper/carton, and handwrite title etc. You could make art, or you could just keep it simple. Done in a jiffy.

    dj – yes, they are cool, aren’t they.. Casino is the best.

  5. You’ve hit upon one of my biggest pet peeves. I absolutely hate it when books have movie posters slapped onto them. I’ll actually go out of my way to get a copy with the original cover art.

    Sounds like a fun read.

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