Our best thoughts come from others. aka The Links Vol. 2

Here are a few more websites I think you all might enjoy. Give them a shot and let me know what you think.

Noisetrade.com – This site is a great place to find a few new bands. The music is available on a name your own price scheme, which is nice, or you can choose to invite three friends to download the same album and then you get it free. I’m sure I have annoyed friends who keep getting email invitations, but at least I’ve gotten some good music out of it. Downloads are full albums only, with about fifty albums available right now.

Daytrotter.com – The music information website is different than a lot of other music site out there. It’s hard to nail down just why I like it, but I do. Give it a shot, then maybe you can tell me why I like it.

NoDebtPlan.net – This is a good personal finance blog. I like it because Kevin is not preachy or annoying about the subject as so many financial writers are. He takes a realistic approach to things and is happy to admit his own shortcomings.

Elevatormoods.com – These guys have done something really interesting and unique. They have produced a series of short videos shot from the perspective of an elevator security camera. The site has a great design and is pretty entertaining.

Zombo.com – You have to see it for yourself. Even then, it’s a bit, well, strange. Make sure you speakers are on.

GarfieldMinusGarfield.net – I love this blog. If you’ve ever enjoyed the Garfield comics, you really should visit this site at least once. The author has removed Garfield from each frame, leaving Jon to deal with his lonely life. It is all at once very funny, a little disturbing, and even slightly depressing. That may not be a very good sales pitch, but trust me, you really need to see some of these.

That’s it for now.



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