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And we were angry and poor and happy, And proud of seeing our names in print.

So it’s a little late in coming, but I should probably explain why this blog is named The Eighth Art. The name comes from an essay written by Sergei Eisenstein in 1922 in which he argues that Cinema is a new art worthy of its own muse. In the essay, he draws up the image of a ‘Council of Muses’ with Charlie Chaplin, representing the new art of film, entering and sitting in one of the appointed seats.

For those not up on their early twentieth century Soviet film history, Eisenstein was the premier filmmaker in Russia, and is considered the father of film montage. He wrote two massively influential books on film theory, Film Form and The Film Sense. His most famous films are Potemkin and Ivan the Terrible I & II.
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Just so you know . . .

I’ve changed my About page from a few lines to something a bit more informative. Check it out.