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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

I’ve seen too many collections of ‘Pictures that Rocked the World’ for them to really do much world rocking. The pictures lose so much meaning when they’re dragged out at very chance just to sell another Life pictorial collection. I like looking through the collections, but I usually end up flipping through them rather quickly.

Not long ago, I came across this photo collections. Many of them are too overused to be of any great impact. How many times have you seen the picture of the sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square? When you last saw it, What did you think about? Did you think about the incredible excitement that everyone felt that day, knowing that the years of death and destruction were over? Sadly, even the picture of a Vietnamese monk burning himself to death doesn’t arouse much emotion. Through over-exposure and commercialization these have all but completely lost their meaning and their power. Still, there were two in that collection that really struck me.

First, the lone student defying the tanks in Tiananmen Square caught me. Maybe it did because two separate but very similar shots of the event were shown, giving me an immediate second look. I stared at the images for quite a while. Continue reading

Banksy Is Angry

I ran across this quote the other day and it really got me thinking. If you aren’t familiar with Banksy or his work, you should really check out his website (here). (He is a graffiti artist who uses stencils to create his work. He is decidedly against commercialism and refuses to sell his work. His images are simple, yet very striking.)

I used to work as a graphic artist for a toy company. The best designs and graphic work I have ever done were for advertisements and packaging. Now I am not trying to say that the world was robbed of some great genius by my using my talents commercially, but the fact remains: my best pieces of art were advertisements.
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