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Philip Morris: Winning the war on Alzheimer’s since 1847.

My wife, Anna, is amazing. She is everything I could have hoped for, and we’re very happy. The thing is, though, we are completely different. I know the whole “opposites attract” thing, and I’m not complaining. Really it’s not annoying; it’s usually kind of funny.

One of our biggest differences is how we look at food. She is very healthy, thinking some light steamed vegetables over a bed of brown rice with a small side of chicken breast is the perfect meal. I happen to think most foods can be considerably improved with the addition of gravy. This isn’t the only difference, but its fairly indicative of our two schools of thought.

Every once in a while I read an article or come across a new medical study that, finally, supports something I do as being healthy. Not long ago, a study surfaced showing that by drinking four or more cups of coffee a day will help prevent colon cancer. Victory! Never mind the fact that the study also shoed increased stomach problems due to the volume of the caffeinated brew, you have to focus when reading these things.
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Our best thoughts come from others. aka The Links Vol. 1

So here’s a list of a few websites I am a fan of. Check ‘em out.

LibraryThing.com – A great place for book lovers. Catalog you library, discuss books, network with other bibliophiles.
Gutenberg.org – I’m sure most people know about this one already, but if you don’t, this is the place to find free public domain e-books. The have a great catalog.
Librivox.org – Similar to Project Gutenberg but for audio books. You can even volunteer to read for some if you’re so inclined.
Garyc.mooo.com:3232/sketch – This one’s just kind of fun. Draw a sketch and swap it with another user from somewhere in the world.
freealbums.blogsome.com – This is a blog that posts links to free, legal music. All links are for full albums.
CigarMonster.com – This one is probably only going to be interesting to people who enjoy a good cigar. They only sell one box of cigars a day, but the deals are great. Think Woot for cigars.