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And Now, a Book Giveaway.

******** This Contest Is Now Closed ***************

I’m going to try something new, and we’ll have to see how well everyone likes it. If you all do, we might make this a regular thing.

If you’ve read more than a couple posts here at The Eighth Art, you’re well aware of the fact that I love books. I buy new ones whenever I get the chance. I have reached a point, rather I passed the point some time ago, where I have too many books. Let me qualify: I don’t really think you could ever really have too many books, and I love to be surrounded by them. However, I live in a one bedroom apartment, and space is at a premium.

And so, here’s the idea: A book giveaway here on The Eighth Art. Not exactly an original idea in and of itself, so here’s the spin. I will be picking the book at random from my library after I have all the entries. I’ll post the title of the book and the winner of the drawing at the same time next Friday (August 8).
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