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For those about to rock, we salute you!

Yesterday was a good day.  It was the final stop of the 2008 Vans Warped Tour and I was there.  Nine stages with shows starting at each every thirty to forty-five minutes.  Everyone needs a good mainstream rock show every once in a while.  We showed up right at opening and stayed all day when we were finally yelled at by a rather large and somewhat pissed off security guard hustling people out so he could go home.  I am sore, and my right arm (my rock arm) is a bit stiff.  Both signs that I had a good time.

It was the first concert I’ve been to in some time and there were so many things that I had forgotten about, so many things I didn’t even remember I had missed: the crowds, the carpet of fliers and empty water bottles, the smell of sweat, cheap beer and pot all mixing together in the pits. Ah, the pits.

The great thing about a show like this one was there really is something for everyone. Punks, metal-heads, chick-rockers, skas, hip-hop fans, and straight-up rockers, everyone had at least one band to really get excited about.  I’m into a lot of different types of music, and the smorgasbord offered up made for a musically fulfilling day.
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Free Stuff, and really, who doesn’t like that?

I just came across a really cool website called Noise Trade. This is one I think you’re going to enjoy and hopefully spread the word about. It’s a music site where artists can post their albums. All the music is available for download. You have to payment choices: 1) Pay whatever you feel appropriate (in Radiohead sort of way) or 2) Tell three friends about the album. Also, all the music is DRM free. Pretty cool set up, if you ask me.

Most of the music is folk rock or acoustic, but there is definitely something for everyone. The whole thing is sponsored by Paste Magazine, which instantly gives it a bit of credibility as the quality of music hosted. (If you haven’t read Paste, you need to. Think of it as Rolling stone, but actually worth reading. More music, more intelligent. It’ currently my favorite magazine. But that’s a whole other post for another time.) Continue reading

Our best thoughts come from others. aka The Links Vol. 1

So here’s a list of a few websites I am a fan of. Check ‘em out.

LibraryThing.com – A great place for book lovers. Catalog you library, discuss books, network with other bibliophiles.
Gutenberg.org – I’m sure most people know about this one already, but if you don’t, this is the place to find free public domain e-books. The have a great catalog.
Librivox.org – Similar to Project Gutenberg but for audio books. You can even volunteer to read for some if you’re so inclined.
Garyc.mooo.com:3232/sketch – This one’s just kind of fun. Draw a sketch and swap it with another user from somewhere in the world.
freealbums.blogsome.com – This is a blog that posts links to free, legal music. All links are for full albums.
CigarMonster.com – This one is probably only going to be interesting to people who enjoy a good cigar. They only sell one box of cigars a day, but the deals are great. Think Woot for cigars.