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One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.

I have a strange obsession right now. It all started a week or so ago when I came across this game. It’s a simple quiz with a time limit. You have ten minutes to name all the presidents of the United States.

No it’s not too hard, or shouldn’t be at least, I did graduate from college. But for the first few times I tried it, I always seemed to blank on at least one president (Fillmore and Coolidge proved elusive for some reason). I started taking the quiz over and over, needing to get all the answers right. After a bit, everything was as it should be: I’d push the button and roughly two minutes later all forty-three blanks would be full. I’d beaten it.

Then my OCD side took over. Hmmm, now can you do them in order? And it began again. Okay took a bit of practice, but I got it down.

Backwards? No sweat. Take it slow–think about it. Sure, it took a couple tries, but yeah, I beat it. I could be done with it.

Now can you name the assassinated presidents first? What? That’s not . . . Okay, fine. Most people don’t even know we had a president named McKinley, but now I do, and I know he was one of four guys to aced while in the White House.

But can you do it faster?

No. Well, maybe . . .