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Free Stuff, and really, who doesn’t like that?

I just came across a really cool website called Noise Trade. This is one I think you’re going to enjoy and hopefully spread the word about. It’s a music site where artists can post their albums. All the music is available for download. You have to payment choices: 1) Pay whatever you feel appropriate (in Radiohead sort of way) or 2) Tell three friends about the album. Also, all the music is DRM free. Pretty cool set up, if you ask me.

Most of the music is folk rock or acoustic, but there is definitely something for everyone. The whole thing is sponsored by Paste Magazine, which instantly gives it a bit of credibility as the quality of music hosted. (If you haven’t read Paste, you need to. Think of it as Rolling stone, but actually worth reading. More music, more intelligent. It’ currently my favorite magazine. But that’s a whole other post for another time.) Continue reading